This is Where I Need Your Help

First, would you consider exploring the possibility of joining me on this incredible journey to regain my health by donating a portion of your liver to me? I completely get what a huge “ask” this is. If you find there is something within you that would like to explore further, then please do the following:


Find out your blood type

My blood type is B+. The types that would be a match for me are:  B+ B- O+ O-.

  1. Red Cross: If you donate 1 pint of blood, they will tell you your type within 72 hours. If you have donated in the past they will have your type on record.

  2. Your Personal Doctor: most will be able to do it in his/her office and may already have it in their records.

  3. Any Lab Test Now” or similar business. They have locations all over the US.    (They typically charge about $29 and it takes 1-2 days to get results).


Learn More About Becoming a Donor

Go to this page. It answers two important questions: Is it safe to be a living liver donor? Who can be a donor?

If you want to learn more about the living donor process, click here.

If you want to see answers to common questions (FAQ's), click here.

We have also included some video testimonials of  donors and their doctors. Click the button below.


Apply to Be a Donor

The first step is to fill out the initial questionnaire. If you are interested to see if you qualify and want to begin the process, click here or the button below.

This is just a questionnaire. You are NOT making a commitment at this point. The purpose of the questionnaire is to see if you would qualify.

*You will need loren's birthday for the application: september 3, 1952.